Carestream - Notes of Interest

Detector Recovery
try user service  password service1

for firmware version 155 and higher
try user service   password Recovery

Telnet for version 135:
user root password 1*ARG_Cj15

a fresh install of 5.6B
is 5.6.517.0


Dlink AP firmware:
     5.7 requires firmware v1.20
    5.6 or lower requires  v1.10




user sundance
pass BiiHE94YYL6EXk

    Portable Knowledge

When rebooting, remove ALL USB devices,
sometimes the ports get confused.....

Don"t forget about BONDED MODE !!
Keyop / System Config / detect settings

some 5.3 versions don't show "use bonded mode" so you have to use the bat files:
c:\Program Files\Kodak\CaptureConsole\bin\
and run:


you should disable then enable the detector
when messing with the bonded mode stuff.

On IEEE 802.11n, a mode with a channel width of
40 MHz is specified. This is not channel bonding, but a single channel with double the older 20 MHz channel width, thus using two adjacent 20 MHz bands

  Patient screen: can not display page ??
keyop/system configuration/layout/patient
select: hosp default with middle name How do I switch between Cisco and Dlink?
C:\Program Files\Kodak\CaptureConsole\bin
and run EK.Capture.Sundance.Tools.DRXConfigModel.exe
Why does the CSP icon in the system tray show a slash through it?

This issue happens when the FE disables CSP by right-clicking on the icon in the System Tray.
The correct procedure is to navigate to
C:\Program Files\Kodak\CaptureConsole\bin\Services
and run the DisableCSP.bat script.

1. To fix, navigate to
C:\Program Files\Kodak\CaptureConsole\Updates\CSPUpdates
and open the folder with the largest “r number” in the list. For instance, you may see several folders labeled “r498”, “r499”, and “r500”. In this case, the FE would open the “r500” folder. Follow the instructions in the “Install & Verify.txt” file in the folder.


Old news
rebooting the console while
the detector is a sleep is BAD



Vers 5.5 new
  • Extended Exposure
  • Detector Recovery Tool
  • IP Conflict Resolution Tool
(still have to re-image to change detector types)

Vers 5.6 new
  • IEC Exposure Index
  • ICU Features
  • Multi format printing (wysiwyg)
  • Consistent Orientation Package
  • Pediatric Package
  • PACS Query/Retrieve
  • Web browser access to RIS/PACS
  • DHCP support
  • Switch GOS & CsL detectors
    without having to re-image